• FEEDBACK entscheidet

    FEEDBACK matters


  • an MODELLEN anwenden

    Use on MODELS


  • SICHERHEIT überprüfen

    Ensure SAFETY


  • FUNKTION testen



  • RESSOURCEN ermitteln

    Determine RESOURCES


  • BEDARFE verstehen

    Understand YOUR NEEDS



Our service for developing medical technology companies

The development of medical products requires a perfect interaction of physicians, experts, medical technology companies and other partners. Our medical competence center in Wendisch Rietz has highly specialized preclinical laboratories and operating theatres as well as knowledge and experience in the certification of medical devices. Together with our partners, we support you in developing suitable system and process solutions for medical care in hospitals. Read more...

Our service for you as a researcher or clinician

At the beginning of a research project there are naturally many questions. Only the right people can identify possible gaps in development, but also additional potential.
The early phases of a project are characterized above all by extensive testing of all ideas, functional prototypes and products. However, legal and ethical limits prevent new medical devices from being used on patients before they are validated and approved.

The experienced team of the Medical Competence Center helps you to find the right answers to all open questions.

Services to your advantage

Advice on all questions concerning preclinical testing and approval of medical devices

Testing of novel medical devices in the simulated, realistic application

Use of most suitable patient substitution models (of animal or human origin)

Documentation of the entire testing process in accordance with regulatory requirements

Solution of all ethical and legal questions in planning and execution of your trial projects


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