A passion for medicine

Welcome to Medizin im Grünen, your medical centre of excellence just outside Berlin. Here, able practitioners and masters train for medical perfection in routine and unusual situations. Here, ideas grow into safe medical products, always in the dialogue between users and developers. Meet colleagues, all of whom are masters in their fields, for whom the passing-on of their own experience and skills is a matter dear to their hearts. Use the concentrated peace and quiet for undisturbed research, learning and training - far away from the bustle of a hospital and yet surrounded by excellent medical technology and perfect equipment...more

My Seminar

Are you a medical practitioner or carer and would like to deepen and expand your specialist skills? Or are you an employee of a company in the medical or pharmaceuticals industry and would like to plan your own event? Then you have come to the right place and ...more

My Project

Use our service for need-based development of medical products: From the idea, to the pre-clinical evaluation, to realistic user training - with users and developers always in close dialogue ...more

Your centre of excellence

Perfect work conditions for able practitioners and masters! Operate in generously equipped operating theatres, and perform monitoring and therapy with the latest technology. Learn and train with a great variety of simulation models ...more






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