As a participant

With the usual medical-technical equipment, but without the hectic pace of a clinic, doctors train complex operations and learn new surgical procedures.

Concentrated peace and quiet allows undisturbed operating and working in a relaxed atmosphere, which creates space for intensive, trusting exchange between you, your trainers and participants.

Good doctors from passion

"There is no end to learning," Robert Schumann used to say. This is true not only for musicians, but especially for doctors and physicians. In the medical competence center in Wendisch Rietz, doctors learn and train complex surgical procedures or the diagnosis and treatment of serious illnesses. Our special seminar program is aimed at doctors in the following medical fields and is constantly being expanded:

Anesthesia, intensive care, trauma surgery, orthopedics, general surgery, visceral surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, pediatric surgery, neurosurgery, urology, gynecology, oncology, pneumology, neonatology, pediatrics, gastroenterology, plastic surgery, radiology, pathology


Training of physicians

The goal of the advanced training and continuing education for physicians is the systematization of medical knowledge and its practical deepening. Medical routines and unusual situations in everyday clinical practice are trained and optimized. Through personal consultation and support from selected specialists, physicians gain solid skills and a faster ability to make decisions in the operating room. Young physicians in particular gain practical experience outside of the daily clinical routine and benefit from the knowledge of older colleagues. In seminar rooms and several professionally equipped operating rooms, medical techniques are taught at the highest level.


OR training

The practical training is conducted in operating rooms with clinical equipment and uses computer-controlled simulations, preparations of animal or human origin as well as narcotised animal models to simulate the patient characteristics required for the medical intervention. The selection of methods for the models is done carefully and responsibly. Compliance with ethical and legal principles is a matter of course for us. All training courses are subject to professional recognition, official approvals and certification by the medical association. The topics of our seminars are based on the recommendations of medical associations and individual learning goals.


Pure practice

The practice-oriented advanced training effectively increases the surgical quality in the daily hospital routine. The learning physicians operate with their own hands and practice the procedures to maturity and perfection. They act responsibly as in everyday life, always measured by success.

Our instructors are competent trainers and masters in their medical field. They are happy to share their knowledge and surgical experience with medical colleagues and are committed to medical quality and precision.

Quality and Transparency

For our medical competence center, quality also means maximum transparency. For quality assurance purposes, we evaluate all seminars according to defined criteria - from the determination of requirements to the planning and implementation of individual physician seminars. The evaluations of our participants and speakers are continuously recorded and published in our quality monitor. All learning contents are described in detail in the seminar program.


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